The “Gatherin of the Clan” called Def Leprechaun began when lead singer Larry Kernagis moved from the Chicago area to Nashville.  He carried with him the Windy City’s love for Irish “roots” music and the American “roots” music know as Bluegrass and Old Timey he mastered while on staff at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Larry soon met with guitarist, mandolinist and songwriter Zane Baxter while working the Nashville Irish circuit. Zane added his highly developed instrumental skills and musical direction to stretch to new duet to greater heights. His background in producing Opry music and touring the world with Irish artist Maura O’Connell added new dimensions to the developing Celtic “groove”.

Finally, bassist Don McGinnis joined the duet adding the rock, jazz and funk influence of his “fat” bass sound and the distinctive tribal, “Druid” backbeat. As in all great bands the whole is greater than the some of the parts and the new Celtic fusion provided by Larry, Zane and Don is a delight to any music fan from any generation.

Irish / American / Folk Music