Larry Kernagis

Larry Kernagis


Lead Singer
Instruments: Banjo, 6 String, 12 String
Vocals: Lead, Backup

At age 13 Larry found his Dad’s banjo in the attic. It took him about 3 years to figure out that you can’t play folk music on a 4 string. Larry took his banjo to the seminary and learned to entertain because he only had 2 choices: singing or hockey. He took 10 years off from playing banjo to try to become an adult. When that failed, he decided instead to learn to play the banjo well. (Because playing the banjo poorly usually leads to getting said beaten with said banjo.) Larry enrolled in the Old Town School of Folk Music and in a short time became an instructor as well as a student, studying banjo and voice. Several years passed and fate brought him to a small Midwestern city — Galesburg, Illinois — where he was introduced to bluegrass music and Larry Diemer. Much harmonious insnaity ensued. These days, you can see Larry playing with Def Leprechaun at Mulligan’s Pub in Nashville TN

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